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Welcome to the Arrancar Renegades clan, our goal is to make this clan the strongest
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 Extra info for Renegades

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PostSubject: Extra info for Renegades   Extra info for Renegades Icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2007 9:41 pm

Ranking System:

In order to move up ranking you must follow these steps:

You may only move up 1 ranking at a time, a Gillian can never face an Espada.
If you are a Gillian, you must beat your Adjuchas 3 times in a row.
you are an Adjuchas, you must beat your Espada leader 5 times in a row
in the presence of either me, Sanduser789, or Sharingan456
To become Ichimaru or Tosen, you must face off against one of my brothers, and beat him in a best of 9 series.
Challenges may only be done once per week so choose wisely.

Inactive list:

is the list of all the members who havenít been online for a minimum of
3 straight days. These people are in danger of going to the banned
list, where they wont get a second shot at returning.


list of all the members that quit, betrayed, or where just inactive in
the clan. If your name is here, then its time to pack your bags.


new members joining? Any upcoming wars? All of this information will be
posted here in chronological order from earliest to the latest.

Wars and Allies

Our war record will be posted here. A list of all of our allies and well as our top preys for war.
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Extra info for Renegades
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