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 Rules and Requirements for Renegades

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Rules and Requirements for Renegades Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Requirements for Renegades   Rules and Requirements for Renegades Icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2007 9:35 pm


Absolutely no spamming. I will
give you one warning and if you continue then I will have to kick you
out of the clan regardless of how good or loyal you are.
You must be
active, meaning posting at least once per day, and not once per week.
You should post in advance the reasons why you wont be active on that
particular day.
You cannot be in multiple clans. If I find out you
have joined or have offered yourself to join another clan then you will
be permanently banned from the clan.


To be a Gillian:

You must be at least a Special Jounin
Must have a ladder rank of at least 100,000
Have at least 5 characters unlocked

To be an Adjuchas:

You must be at least a Jounin
Must have a ladder rank of at least 10,000
Have at least 10 characters unlocked

To be a Vasto Lorde(Espada)

Must be a Legendary Sannin or a previous Hokage
Must have a ladder rank below 1000
Have at least 15 characters unlocked
Have at least a ratio of 2:1(100 wins 50 losses)

To be Aizenís Subordinates(Ichimaru and Tosen)

Must have be currently or previously Hokage
Must have a ladder rank of at least 100
Must have no more than 20 characters unlocked
Have a ratio of 4:1 (100 wins 25 losses)

If you do not meet any of these rules or requirements then donít even
bother to post I want to join. Your first post should include your
ladder rank, ladder #, characters unlocked and of course ď I want to
join ď.

Las Noches:

Heaven Squad:

Aizen Ruler of the Heavens-Copyninja22
Subordinate Gin Ichimaru-Sharingan456
Subordinate Kaname Tousen-Sanduser789

Squad 1:

Number 1 Espada Stark
Adjucha #1
Gillian #1

Squad 2:

Number 2 Espada Halibel
Adjucha #2
Gillian #2

Squad 3:

Number 3 Espada ?????
Adjucha #3
Gillian #3

Squad 4:

Number 4 Espada Ulquiorra
Adjucha #4
Gillian #4

Squad 5:

Number 5 Espada Nnoitra
Adjucha #5
Gillian #5

Squad 6:

Number 6 Espada Grimmjow
Adjucha #6
Gillian #6

Squad 7:

Number 7 Espada Le Roux
Adjucha #7
Gillian #7

Squad 8:

Number 8 Espada Szayel
Adjucha #8
Gillian #8

Squad 9:

Number 9 Espada Aaroniero
Adjucha #9
Gillian #9
Squad 10

Number 10 Espada Yami
Adjucha #10
Gillian #10
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Rules and Requirements for Renegades
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