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 Introduction of the Renegades

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Introduction of the Renegades Empty
PostSubject: Introduction of the Renegades   Introduction of the Renegades Icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2007 9:28 pm

Arrancar Renegades

Introduction of the Renegades Themostbadasssigihaveevkd6

guys, my name is copynija22, but my real name is Omar so you can call
me that instead. Well, I have done clans in the past, but
unfortunately, due to lack of leadership and gfxers, my clans werenít
successful enough to become permanent. Thankfully all these clans have
given me enough experience and taught me enough lessons to now come to
a final resolution, this will be the last clan I create, because I feel
like if I fail then its time to move on in life. Well some of the clans
that I created in the past included the Konoha 12, The Allied Nations,
and most recently the Seiretei Clan. If any members from one of these
previous clans are clanless then they are more than welcome to join
this one. Well I have done mostly Naruto clans but now I have decide to
move on into Bleach, as a preview to Bleach Arena. Welcome to the
Arrancar Renegades Clan.


Copyninja22- Leader of
the clan. A very responsible person who hates not getting the job done
correctly. Always puts a clan as a first priority. Can accomplish
anything if he puts his mind into it.

Sanduser789- His real name
is Luis. He is Co-leader which also happens to be my brother. He is a
bit lazy when it comes to this kind of stuff, but always gets the job
done(usually at the last second). By far, the best analyzer and the
highest I.Q member of this clan. If youíre looking for advice then you
could always send him a pm. Also the biggest pacifist that walks Earth.

His real name is Gianfranco. My 2nd Co-leader and the youngest out of
the three of us brother. He is a very outgoing person, so if you are a
really young person, then you should hang around this guy, but donít be
fooled because this guy uses brute force to destroy his opponents. So
donít underestimate my little bro.


Absolutely NO
spamming. I will give you one warning and if you continue then I will
have to kick you out of the clan regardless of how good or loyal you
You must be active, meaning posting at least once per day, and
not once per week. You should post in advance the reasons why you wont
be active on that particular day.
You cannot be in multiple clans.
If I find out you have joined or have offered yourself to join another
clan then you will be permanently banned from the clan.
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Introduction of the Renegades
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